Friday, May 29, 2009

random pics!

This is a favorite position of this is my view of her most of the day!

sweet baby girl!

I loved this dress, but didn't think we would get much use out of it for another month or so since it's a three month outfit...oh no, baby girl fit right into it with no problem at all. She definitely isn't missing any feedings here lately! We took her for her shots at 8 weeks and my girl already weighs 14 lbs 5oz. Yes, that is the size of a four month old!!

We started a new bedtime routine this week and so far it's been really successful. But, I was having a hard time getting all the essentials for bedtime ready with a 15 pound child in my arms. So, I ended up putting on a Baby Einstein video for her to watch while I got everything together. She absolutely loved it! It kept her attention for the entire video...30 minutes. She was completely interacting with the music, sounds and characters. They would make her smile and coo, so adorable! The new babysitter!!! :) The two pictures up above are of her watching the video!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day!

My first Mother's Day was great! Here are a few pictures from our day and some other random ones. (These aren't the best of quality, so forgive me!)
Bryce passed out on Brian while waiting on me to get ready for dinner. Sleepless nights and days on the road are getting to us all!

The three of us at dinner. I was nervous to see how Bryce would do at a restaurant in her car seat. She likes it if we are moving, but once we stop, she wants out. Fortunately, she did awesome. She pretty much slept the whole time except for the very end.
(Yes, that is me for all of you who don't recognize me through all of my fatness! Got about 25 more pounds to lose. Post baby body SUCKS, but is worth it for the end girl! It's the angle too, right!!)

One of my gifts from Bryce and Brian. The other was the day off!
No diapers or feedings for me!
We are starting to get some smiles from this girl! Here's one I captured while she was sitting in her bouncy seat. Look at those cheeks!! (Sorry the picture is a little out of focus, gotta work fast with the camera)

Daddy and daughter time!

I know this picture is out of focus too, but I loved that she had her new bow on. The headband is a little big for her now, but I love how girly it is. Maybe we can get another one tomorrow, she started to get really annoyed I was making her wear it!

Not the most photogenic on Bryce's end, but we had to put a picture up with Bryce's big brother and protector, RBI. When she started to fuss, he came running to see what was going on and if she was okay.