Thursday, February 25, 2010

11 months...

well, we're only one month away from being one year old! our little baby is growing up!! here are a few pics of our 11 month old!!

what's new with the lady...
*she is babbling all the time...her favorite words are mama (of course), dada, bah bah...
*she loves to dance, clap and pat her legs...she loves the theme song to "the office" and will sit and bounce to the song, so cute!
*she is really getting after it with her walkers...she's so proud of herself while cruising around!
*if we let her, she would play on our bed all day long...she loves to climb all over the pillows and sit up and fall straight back...the lady's crazy...brian calls her his little tomboy and he does this while he is throwing her all over the place and hanging her upside down...scares me, but she loves it!
*her and rbi are still besties, as you can see in the pics up above! even though i complain about his shedding ALL the time, he is such a good dog and is so sweet to bryce. he is so gentle and protective and truly loves the girl. i need to be nicer to him!!
*still in music class and loving it
*i really feel like she has changed so much in the past month. i feel like she is starting to communicate more and let us know what she likes and doesn't like. i can't believe she's getting so big! love her!