Wednesday, March 23, 2011

our baby turns two!!

where did the time go? our baby turned two march 22nd!! i just can't believe it! she's such a big girl! this year bryce had two parties, one with her play date buddies and another small one with family. here are some pics from the festivities...

can't wait to see what this year brings! love you brycie girl!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

my b-day and bryce's new bed....

on sunday, i celebrated my 29th birthday! i can't believe i only have one more year left of my twenties, crazy and kind of sad! oh well! my birthday was great! brian took the day off, which was AWESOME, and we just spent the day running errands and hanging out as a family. we started our day with a breakfast run to IHOP, totally white trash deliciousness!!! then we ran to babies-r-us to pick up a toddler bed for our crib escapee, hit the mall for a must have cookie cake, and then spent the rest of the day putting together bryce's new bed and getting her room completely baby proofed.

absolutely wonderful!!!

{i took a picture of the cake in the car before we left the mall bc we had our first piece cut before we even left the parking lot! i think we ate half of it before we got home!!}

i think it's safe to say sister girl liked the cake as much as we did! she kept yelling from the back 'more, more' before she even had the piece in her hand finished! pink frosting was everywhere! this is her sugar coma!!


still in her sugar coma! so tired and cuddly!

and the work begins!!

daddy's helper!

everytime brian would screw in a screw, his shadow had to do the same! she was so sweet, while brian was putting together the bed, she would pat his back, smile and say 'daddy'...which i summed up to be her small way of thanking him! love it!

do you think she likes it??!!

i have to say, our first night wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to go. she did really well for such a big transition. she came out a few times at first, but eventually fell asleep and then came out again around 2am, but went back to bed easily. i'm so proud of our big girl! hopefully the transistion continues to go smoothly, but only time will tell.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


hooray! i finally broke down and bought a new card reader so now i can download pictures. the other one is still m.i.a and will probably be lost forever. here are some current pics of our girl and what she's been up to these days....

getting ready for moms day out! she is now going twice a week, and we are all thankful for that! she loves going and seeing her friends and we get such a kick out of her thinking she's such a BIG GIRL strutting on in like she owns the place!

showing off her woody doll. we are in love with all things toy story these days....not sure why bc she's only seen toy story 3 and is scared to death of it once they enter the day care. oh well! who can explain it! speaking of toys and moms day out, we have learned that our child is a hoarder of toys!!! she walks into the room, gathers her baby dolls and doesn't let go until the end....NO MATTER WHAT OR WHO TRIES TO STOP HER! sharing is definitely something we need to work on....let me just add that to the list with about 100 other things! a moms job is never done! i'm exhausted!

this is our new thing....wearing socks on our hands. she will wear them all day, even while eating. one night while she was asleep, i saw her on the monitor take her sock off her foot and put it on her hand....again, all while she was asleep. crazy!!!

look at this face! this is the face of a STRONG WILLED child who is now in full blown terrible twos. she pushes boundaries constantly, throws fits like no other, hits, throws, yells 'no' and 'mine' know, all that stuff i swore 'my child would never do!' i'm totally eating my words!!! i desperately need to make a run to the library and check out the book, how to raise a strong willed child, and memorize it from front to back. super nanny where are you!!

and then there's this sweet face! this is the face of my sweet baby who loves her mama and would never think of hitting her. i love this baby!!! this baby gives hugs and kisses, rubs and pats your back, runs her fingers through my hair and is just all sweetness. when i see this face, i tell myself i must not be screwing her up too bad and maybe she won't need therapy when she gets older for all the ways her mother did her wrong!!! love this girl with all my heart, good and bad, she's worth it, over and over again!!

being silly in one of her many hats!

my angel face!!!!

our little artist! she loves to scribble with pens and paper! was the first day brycie climbed out of her crib and then proceeded to open her door, walk out into the living room and scare me half to death. SO, even though i was trying to hold off for as long as possible, i think a toddler bed may soon make it's appearance in the kraft household. wish us luck, i'm scared!

Monday, February 14, 2011

what we've been up to...

SO, sure enough, in my last post i promised not to abandon my blog, but unfortunately i haven't been able to keep my word. i really only like to post if i can throw in pictures and here lately i have been such a slacker mom. i have hardly taken any pictures of my adorable's just too hard and i've had a case of the lazies!! bryce either runs from the camera, stares into it like a serial killer, cries, or tries to steal it away. so these days the camera hasn't had much activity. PLUS, bryce has 'misplaced' our thingy that plugs into the computer, which then you plug your memory card into {i'm not all that computer savy if you couldn't tell!} i say 'misplaced' because she loves to come into brian's office and play, but it's never the same after she leaves. we can't find stuff for days. and sad to say, but this is one of those items that she 'misplaced'....i keep hoping it's going to pop up somewhere, but no luck so far.
ANYWAYS, we have some good news, we found out last thursday that we are having another GIRL!!!!
and we couldn't be happier. i started crying in the ultrasound room thinking about having a house with two little black headed girls running around...SISTERS!!! i have strange fantasies about dressing them up exactly alike and taking family portraits, them sharing rooms and being the best of friends. but my mom informed me this probably wasn't going to come true and they would more than likely spend most of their time fighting....which could very well be the case! but i can still fantasize while their little, right!! i can't wait to see if little sis looks like big sis, if she's going to have curly hair like bryce, is she going to have the same strong will and sass as her bestie, who knows, which i guess makes it all the more exciting! i'm probably the worst pregnant lady ever. i'm extremely impatient and tend to think the worst. i'm definitely trying to enjoy this pregnancy, being it will be our last, but i also can't wait to have her here and know she's healthy and safe. come on july!!!
besides finding out we're having a girl, not much has been happening around the kraft household. we're doing the usual, going to play dates, bryce is going to moms day out now twice a week, which we ALL love, and brian's work has really picked up. we all just try to survive the spring and not kill each other!
hopefully, fingers crossed, i will be able to post pics here soon so that i don't abandon my poor old blog. happy valentines day to everyone!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i'm back baby!!

SO, i have been such a bum when it comes to the blog here lately. i have just not been able to get around to posting new pics. at nap time, i try to lay down for a bit and then once bryce goes to bed at night, my tail is on that couch in front of the tube. i promise to do a better job here on out! PROMISE!!!
we also have some exciting news to share with everyone....bryce is going to be a BIG SISTER come july! we are super excited (and a little nervous) to have another kraft baby in the house. we will definitely keep you posted with the weeks to come!
here are some cute pics brian's dad took of the fam over thanksgiving....