Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7 months...

brycie girl is 7 months old!!! she has been soooo busy this last month....

what she's up to these days...

*sitting up on her own

*OFFICIALLY crawling!!

*her two bottom teeth have come in and i think more will be coming in shortly

*reaching out for us to pick her up...i love this! this is something i've actually been waiting for!

*loves to pull herself up while holding our hands and stand...she has such strong legs

*enjoying her social dates and story time at the library...i am so excited b/c in februrary we will begin Kindermusik classes. i can't wait!

*loves baby food and still hasn't turned any food down...shocker, i know!

*we went on our first airplane ride to Texas. she did really well on the plane, which was a relief.

*two naps a in the morning usually for an hour or hour and half and one in the afternoon usually two hours

*still in size three diaper

*wearing 9 months to 12 months in clothes

*four bottles a day...5-6oz

*bedtime at 6:45-7:00PM and wakes up around 6-7:00AM

*likes to drink from her sippy cup where she usually has to take several breaks and sigh b/c it's just such hard work

playin' with Teddy...bryce's great grandparents got him for her before she was born and she loves to play with him. she will just stare at him and touch his hair, and then of course, Teddy's nose goes straight to her mouth!

grandma randy got this for bryce and she loves to take baths in it. she makes us laugh b/c she will prop her feet up and just lounge like she is so big and needs to unwind after a long day at work. life is so tough for a baby!!

finally, it felt like fall here in florida. i went a little overboard and dressed bryce as if it was the dead of winter, but she has so many cute outfits that she hasn't been able to where due to the weather. she looked so cute and cuddly!

so sweet!

sitting like a big lady playing with her favorite toy, the remote control!


on her way to snatch the camera string!

drinking her bottle on her own... we are also drinking from a sippy cup

on the go...

so proud of herself...

she is really gettin' around these days and she ABSOLUTELY loves it!!!

what a great month! this is such a fun age! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MORE pics of bryce...

here are few more pics from the photo shoot the other day...enjoy!!

(this last one absolutely cracks me up! brian and i were not huge fans of the outfit, but thought we should try it out just to see. she looks like our little gangsta!!!)

Monday, October 12, 2009

bryce's pics...

here are a few of the pics from bryce's recent photo session...our photographer just gave us a few to look at, so more will be coming soon!! :)

for the most part, bryce was great. she started to get fussy towards the end, so we had to wrap it up before i would have liked to. but, i think we got a few good ones out of the day. she is becoming such a mess with a BIG personality and she is so much fun. i am really enjoying this age. love her, love her, love her!!!!