Monday, February 14, 2011

what we've been up to...

SO, sure enough, in my last post i promised not to abandon my blog, but unfortunately i haven't been able to keep my word. i really only like to post if i can throw in pictures and here lately i have been such a slacker mom. i have hardly taken any pictures of my adorable's just too hard and i've had a case of the lazies!! bryce either runs from the camera, stares into it like a serial killer, cries, or tries to steal it away. so these days the camera hasn't had much activity. PLUS, bryce has 'misplaced' our thingy that plugs into the computer, which then you plug your memory card into {i'm not all that computer savy if you couldn't tell!} i say 'misplaced' because she loves to come into brian's office and play, but it's never the same after she leaves. we can't find stuff for days. and sad to say, but this is one of those items that she 'misplaced'....i keep hoping it's going to pop up somewhere, but no luck so far.
ANYWAYS, we have some good news, we found out last thursday that we are having another GIRL!!!!
and we couldn't be happier. i started crying in the ultrasound room thinking about having a house with two little black headed girls running around...SISTERS!!! i have strange fantasies about dressing them up exactly alike and taking family portraits, them sharing rooms and being the best of friends. but my mom informed me this probably wasn't going to come true and they would more than likely spend most of their time fighting....which could very well be the case! but i can still fantasize while their little, right!! i can't wait to see if little sis looks like big sis, if she's going to have curly hair like bryce, is she going to have the same strong will and sass as her bestie, who knows, which i guess makes it all the more exciting! i'm probably the worst pregnant lady ever. i'm extremely impatient and tend to think the worst. i'm definitely trying to enjoy this pregnancy, being it will be our last, but i also can't wait to have her here and know she's healthy and safe. come on july!!!
besides finding out we're having a girl, not much has been happening around the kraft household. we're doing the usual, going to play dates, bryce is going to moms day out now twice a week, which we ALL love, and brian's work has really picked up. we all just try to survive the spring and not kill each other!
hopefully, fingers crossed, i will be able to post pics here soon so that i don't abandon my poor old blog. happy valentines day to everyone!!!!