Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Girl!!!!

here are some pics of the birthday girl at her very first birthday party! we had a blast and bryce loved having everyone she loves in the same place! she was showing off all her new tricks and was bouncing of the walls from start to finish! she was spoiled with gifts and lots of love!! brian and i still can't believe we have a one year old!

happy birthday brycie girl! love you TONS!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

bryce in action...

here's bryce's early b-day gift, she had a blast playing with it! it's pretty cool, it has a door she can crawl in and out of, and all sort of other interactive pieces! she is in desperate need of more 'toddler' like toys, she wants nothing to do with her baby toys anymore! yeah, for us!! ha!

here's our gymnast! she has been doing this move for awhile now, it looks like she is going to go right into a somersault! she thinks it's funny when we look in between her legs at her while she's doing this...who knows, my kid is crazy!! ha!


love her!


uhhh, can i help you mom?!! she loves to play with my cell phone, she puts it up to her ear and babbles like she's talking to one of her cute!!

in deep 'play' mode!

i love this picture! what a mess! look at her arm propped up like she's such a big lady! love that tossled, curly hair!! this pic just makes me laugh, i love it!

here she is on her way down after standing ALL BY HERSELF!!!! i wasn't fast enough to get her standing! she has actually taken a few steps yesterday and today, so maybe she'll be walking by her first b-day!! i love how proud she gets of herself when she's learning a new trick!

love this! we have magnets on the fridge that she loves to play she is in action! love those chunky little legs!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


here are some cute pics of the girl...

ready for summer...

i just want to squeeze that sweet face, love her...

she loves to dig through my purse and pull everything out...the glasses are her new favorite thing...she tries to put them on all by herself, but can't quite make it!

in the morning when i'm cleaning up the kitchen, bryce likes to 'help' by pulling everything out, ha!
(doesn't she look like she's up to something, what a mess!)

i love this pic! such a lover!!!

what a good 'helper!'

mis-match day!! :)
P.S....i think we may be walking here in a few weeks!!! keep your fingers crossed!