Thursday, May 27, 2010

14 months..

bryce turned 14 months on may 22nd, so this post is a little late, sorry! these days, she is really becoming such a big lady and a complete toddler. brian and i are having so much fun with her. i say this all the time, but ever since she started walking our life has changed so a good way! it is so much fun going to the park, swimming in our little kiddie pool and just everyday little things have become so much easier now that she can follow us with ease. very thankful the lady is a walker now!
her hair is getting so long that a bow is necessary to keep it out of her face! i can't wait to put it in pig tails! although, she probably won't let me take the time i need to fix it since each day she puts up a huge struggle just for me to brush it! it amazes me that each day she continues to fight it, when will she just get used to it and give in!

the stroller and minnie are favorites around here! a huge shout out to granny, gg and gg aunt sondra! both were b-day gifts and she plays with them always!!

she has especially grown fond of minnie! she carries her around all day and treats her like her very own baby. minnie sits in the high chair with bryce, bryce feeds her food and gives her a drink from her sippy cup, she puts her on her shoulder and pats her back and minnie's also become a must at naps and bedtime. it's really fun to watch her playing, she's such a little mama in training!

and here she is using the stroller for no good. a fun game she likes to play, is chase rbi with the stroller and scare him by clipping his heels. it's awful, poor rbi. she absolutely loves it though. she thinks it's the most hilarious thing ever. here she is chasing him! sorry rbi!

what else she's up to these days...
*pretty good eater, still a little weary about certain veggies, but green beans and broccoli are favorites. loves all fruit, especially grapes, blueberries, strawberries and bananas
*answers no to EVERYTHING you ask her!
*points and grunts/whines at whatever she is wanting you to get for her!! she is definitely communicating more, which is nice, but we look forward to the day when she can talk
*loves to dance and sing...her favorite song is 'bah, bah, bah'...she just says it over and over and moves from side to side...loves dancing to the 'hot dog dance' each morning on mickey mouse club house
*obsessed with her pool, and is actually pretty brave in there
*loves the park
*very social, loves trying to hang with the big kids
*gives kisses and hugs, will lay her head on our shoulder and pat our backs, love this
*absolutely hates getting her teeth brushed...shakes her head no, pushes our hands away, throws herself back, cries...i'm sure her teeth will be rotted by the time she's three! ha!
*wears 18 to 24 month clothes, size 4 diapers
*still hates getting her diaper changed, fights us every time!
*makes funny expressions constantly, loves to laugh at herself after doing em'
*still loves rbi, she pats him and gives him hugs and puts everything in his mouth...i have to go chasing after him bringing back my Tupperware, cups, her toys...he's definitely a huge fan of her too, which is really sweet
*holds our hand when we walk places, love those little fingers

Friday, May 14, 2010

splish splash!!

on mother's day, we went and bought bryce a little pool from wal-mart. she loves it! she cries each time we have to take her out and go inside. she likes to splash and put her face in the water, which is very surprising considering she screams bloody murder when you get a drip on her face during the bath! who knows! and she loves to get up and walk around, but we've had a few spills from this! the pool is a great way to pass the day, especially here in florida where it is already so hot and humid!! plus, mama gets her tan on!!! i think this is the whitest i've ever been!! i'm transparent! ha!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a day in the park...

brian had two days off last week, so we decided to go and visit our local park. we've always driven by it, and it's always been super busy, well now we know why. it was such a nice park! it was nice and shaded, the turf was really soft, it was separated into two parts - one part for the older kids and the other part for toddlers, and there was a lot of fun stuff for her to do. we had a really nice time and bryce loved it. we will definitely be making more trips to the park, especially now that bryce is more mobile! ( i'd like to take this time to give a shout out to the photographer, brian, he was working hard to get some great shots!! thanks daddy!!)
trying to figure it all out, not quite sure yet!

she spent most of her time following the older kids around...they really didn't want too much to do with her and moved way too fast for her to keep up!!

future rock climber!

i love that face! (how precious are those shorts, love them! ha!)

look at the wind blowing through those curls!

trying again to hang with the big kids!

we really had to watch bryce b/c she kept trying to walk in front of the swings while kids were swinging on she is in action!!

on the go!

still figuring out the whole shoe thing!

i am obsessed with this picture...bryce kept putting her face in between the equipment to look out at everyone, it was so hilarious!!
and here she is licking the rails, i'm sure it's clean, right!!
love this one too! she's crawling into the plastic bubble trying to get to brian who's standing on the other side! she didn't quite get the concept!!

ahhh, a much needed water break! look at how sweaty our girl got, she was working so hard! i swear she was sweating more than kids running laps around her. she has been hot natured since birth! plus, her curls were in full effect, this florida humidity is rough!!
can't wait to go back to the park soon, it is so fun watching our lady become such a toddler! she's getting so big, and it's so much fun!!