Monday, November 16, 2009

Go Fish!

here's bryce supporting her daddy and representing the marlins!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


well, kindermusik came a little earlier than we thought. we signed bryce up for classes starting in february, but they had an opening, so we jumped at the chance to start earlier. here are some pics from bryce's first day of class.
i'm sure you'll be able to tell by the pictures, but bryce had a blast! she absolutely loved the class and was into everything and EVERYBODY. i was excited to see how she would react to the music and instruments, being that at home she is a HUGE fan of music, and no surprise here, she loved every bit of it!!
on her way to make a new friend! poor lydia, she didn't know what to think!

she loved her new friend, and tried to go up to her the ENTIRE class! lydia was a little shy and didn't know what to do with this baby all up in her business!!

this instrument was a favorite of hers!

checking things out, making sure she's not missing out on anything!

bryce trying to attack the book...we read a lot at home and she loves to tap the pages with her hands and feet, so i guess it's safe to say, she felt right at home!

beating the drum like a big lady!!

keepin' a steady beat!

havin' a blast!! what a mess this girl is!!!

lovin' her some drums!

this is us doing the charleston...she was laughing SO fact, her laughing drowned out the other babies who were crying...

so silly...

do it again...

oooh, mama's tired!

pretty typical, everyting straight into the mouth...

lovin' on her teacher, mrs. debbie!

another favorite...

what a great time for the three of us! brian and i are amazed each day at the personality on this girl and how much FUN she is. we laugh each day at the silly things she does and just can't get enough of her. we are loving being able to sit back and watch her take in new experiences and LEARN daily. i seriously could not ask for a better baby...she is absolutely everything i ever wanted and exactly what i imagined during those long 9 months!! it makes my heart melt when i see her smile and know that we are a part of her happiness! love you brycie girl!!