Monday, July 12, 2010

home, sweet home!

we've been home for about a week now, and it's been so nice!!! bryce has been a lot better, and a lot of her fussiness has gone away! since being home, we've just been hanging out and trying to get back to 'normal' only to ruin everything when we leave for tulsa in a few weeks! ha! here are some pics of us hanging out!
this is our new game, get into the laundry basket and have mom or dad drag me around a thousand times in a row, she loves it!

having a blast!

here's an action shot!

do you think she likes it!!!

AHHHHHH!!! this face is a new one of hers, and i'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of it in years to come! we call it 'the look' in my family, and it looks like she's already mastered it!! she's giving us 'the look' b/c her food is taking a little too long for her liking, god forbid!!

'i'm hungry, NOW!!!'

oh, thank goodness, back to smiling!!!

bryce really missed her toys since we were gone, and has revisited a lot of the ones she quit playing with before we left. it's like christmas all over again!!!

got a little too close to the camera!!

the other night a group of moms got together for dinner, which was awesome, and brian took care of the lady. he took a few shots for me so i wouldn't feel like i missed out on anything. here he is giving her a bath, and yes, if you were wondering, she is still in her baby tub, in the sink!!!!!! one of these days, when she's ten, we'll make the transition to the big bathtub!! don't judge, it's just so much easier in the sink, in the baby tub!!!!!! ha!

here's our girl, after a nice long nap!! look at that crazy hair!!!
so happy to be home, but can't wait to see everyone in OK in a few weeks!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


SO, here we are again, out of town for two weeks for lovely pro-coverage! lets just say, it's been quite the adventure! all i have to say is, traveling with a 15 month old is for the birds! lord, bryce has been on fire since day TWO, we are now on day TEN and have a few more to go...i think this is the most she has cried her entire life!! our poor neighbors, i'm surprised we haven't been kicked out of our hotel yet or had social services knocking on our door wondering what we're doing to our poor child that she feels the need to cry 24/7!!! my patience and parenting skills have been put to the test!!
oh well, memories, right!! ha!
here are some pics of us killing time in charleston, south carolina...our first stop of the trip...
{please ignore the weird face i'm making, not sure what's up with that}
here's bryce giving an ornery smile as she's trying to climb out of her high chair, which is a new trick she has much fun, NOT!!!!
{and again, ignore me, just look at the baby!}
here we are at the beach, which OF COURSE, bryce hated!! i mean, why would she like the beach, that would just make everything too easy!!! she was not a fan of the sand or waves, i held her the entire time as she fussed as each wave came in!! if you're not laughing, you're crying, right!!! ha!

just relaxing!!

have i told you, that bryce is now obsessed with the Wiggles, yes, she is an insane fan! brian and i want to jump off a tall building and now know all the songs by heart, but you do what you got to do to keep the lady happy!!

gettin' a ride from daddy at the mall!

please take a moment and meet our future son-in-law!
bryce saw him from outside of the store, found her way in, and completely fell in love!!
it was the funniest thing i've ever seen! i seriously couldn't stop laughing!!
holding his hand!!

givin' him some lovin'!!
sweet hugs!!

still givin' the hugs!!

it's hard to tell, but in this pic she is patting his back!!! givin' him love taps!!

"i'm never leavin' him, NEVER!!!!"

got em' by the neck, he's not going anywhere! she's starting to get a little aggressive with her hugs here!!!!

sweet, young love!!
please wish us luck our last few days and then as we set forth to conquer the 10 hour ride home!!! i'm getting nightmares right now thinking about it!!