Saturday, January 30, 2010

that time of year...

well, unfortunately, the time has come for brian to return to work!!! so sad, makes me shed a tear! bryce and i have been so completely spoiled having him home with us everyday for the past few months, that i don't know what we'll do. i'm sure there will be some whining, pouting, stomping and crying somewhere along the way...hope bryce can be strong for her poor ol' mom!!!! we decided to make brian a present just to let him know we love and miss him already!

are you not just dying at those curls!!!??? they kill me! it was extremely humid today, and those curls were out of control! i love it!!! i can't believe my kid has curly hair, where did they come from!!! :)

i love this picture! bryce has been busting a move here lately, and it is about the cutest thing i have ever seen. anytime music is on, she will bounce to the beat and move her arms. here she is dancing to some song that was on the tv! ADORABLE! she is so cute, i can't get enough of her!
miss you daddy! love you!!
love, brycie
(and mommy!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 months...

bryce is now 10 months, and i can't believe it!!! time is really flying by, and she is changing so much! she is almost a year, WHAT!!!! i never thought we would get to this, but here we are!!! at her nine month appointment she weighed 23lbs 4oz and was 29in long...we got ourselves a growing, healthy little girl!!!
each day brian and i crack up at her, she has such a silly personality!!! i hope she keeps this silly side and goes through life laughing!!!!

sweet, precious baby!!

love her!

love those hands!

the comb, a favorite toy!!!

what she's doing these days...
*into absolutely anything and everything...she tries to open cabinets, she can get into the pantry, open doors (if they're cracked), she climbed up on the fire place the other day...definitely keeps us on our toes...we take turns chasing after her...great workout-up, down, up, down!!
*loves books and magazines...likes to look at the pictures and turn the pages
*loving table food...we can't eat in front of her without her wanting a bite!!
*pulls up on everything and now she is "creeping" while holding onto a piece of furniture
*screams using her 'outside' voice in a new high pitch that she loves...i find this so precious, and somewhat egg it on...wonder if i'll love it as much at dinner in a nice restaurant!!!
*is obsessed with our bed...we have to shut our door or she will spend all day in there trying to climb her way up!
*plays "fetch" with RBI...she will hold up his toy, he will come and take it out of her hand, then he'll come back, and she will pull it out of his cute!
*loves all food! taking 3 bottles a day
*2 naps a day
*extremely social, loves to be around people...has a starring problem like her mother!
*totally teething, i think she will get several teeth at once...been somewhat fussy b/c of this
*loves to be outside
*her hair is getting longer and soooo curly, especially on really humid days!!!
*still loves her bath
Each day we love her more and her so much we just want to hug her, squeeze her and kiss her to death!!!! she's our big lady!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

christmas & other random pics...

we had a nice quiet christmas at the house, where bryce opened her gifts from us. she was already completely spoiled by all the grandparents and great grandparents before the big day!!! here's a few pics from christmas day, and some other random ones i thought were just cute...
our pretty tree, i was sad to put it up...

oooh, which one to open first....

yum! she was more interested in the bows than the actual gifts :)...

silly girl...

mommy and me...

this is one of my all time favorite pics!!! i was getting her ready for the bath and had to sit her down for like 2 seconds, and this is where she decided to make her big escape , and nothing was going to slow her down!!!! love that toosh!!!

this picture shows off my great parenting skills!!!

this is her new favorite spot...the windows look out into the front yard, such a big lady!!!

best friends for life!!

bryce and santa!