Thursday, April 22, 2010

13 months...

brycie girl is thirteen months old today! this has been an exciting month for us...she is walking all over the place and becoming a big time toddler!!

this is still a favorite spot for her...the windows look out into our front yard and she loves to stand here with rbi and look at all the cars drive by and pray that one day her parents will take her outside! ha! i promise bryce, here in the next day or two we will venture outside to play, poor lady!!

a new thing for her is to pull/hold something while she walks around...usually she picks the most awkward and heavy thing to she is pulling the box her diapers came in...

this is her new ornery smile...she squints her eyes and scrunches up her nose and gives a huge grin...i love it!

i can't open the dishwasher without her hightailing it to the kitchen...i have become real sneaky and quiet when it comes time to do the dishes...she is now also getting into our pantry and pulling everything off the bottom shelf that she can reach, somehow she always seems to find her snacks, hmmmm...

bryce and rbi=best friends for life! she has fallen so in love with him! she squeals with giddy when he plays with her, pretty cute!

again with carrying something while she walks, here she is with her lunch bag!

sweet baby!

here's the bag, yet again!

here comes trouble!!!
some other things bryce is up too...
*she's pointing to what she wants, which is very helpful!
*she's shaking her head NO...ALOT!!!
*she's completely on table food, and loves it! it's killing me, but she loves it! ha!
*we can say 'love your baby' and she'll hold her and give her a hug, so sweet!
*SOMETIMES we say, 'where's your toes' and she'll grab her toes, but like i said, it's only sometimes, we're still working on this one!
*she's mastered her fake laugh, it's one huge HA!, and then she moves on to something else!
*she gives out tons of kisses, this is my favorite!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

bow crazy...

within the last few days, bryce has fallen in love with her bow bands...she tries to put them on all by herself, but it doesn't quite work out in her favor, so we have to help her out...she wants to wear them ALL day, even after they start to leave impressions on her poor head! she is with one of her bands and two other bows she decided she wanted in...silly, silly girl!

she's mad at me for taking her picture! ha!

we got ourselves a walker!! she is so proud of herself! i love that smile!