Saturday, August 21, 2010

mom's day out...

so, bryce has officially completed three days of mom's day out. she goes every friday from 8:30 to 12:30. she eats lunch there and then we come home for a nap. she absolutely loves going to 'school' and playing with all the big kids. they accept kids from walking to age 3, and bryce loves to follow around all the big boys, she doesn't have time for kids her own age! ha! even though she loves to go, it is SOOOOO hard to get her up and at em' and out the door without a HUGE meltdown. here are some pics of bryce going to 'school'...

here come the tears...
oh yes, the meltdown has begun, and let me remind you, it is for no reason, or at least brian and i have no idea why this keeps happening, HELP...

my poor baby...

the lady is pissed!!!!

and, as fast as it came, it is now GONE!!!! WHAT, WHY!!!???? who knows, but she's a cutie and we love her!!!

playing at mom's day out
{they split their time in two rooms, this is where they eat their snacks and lunch and when we come to pick them up this is where they are all waiting for us, the other room has more toys and things for them to do}

here are a few of her 'friends'
each week the number of kids vary, especially since it's summer
{bryce has grown especially attached to the lady on the left who is sitting in the chair, but we're bummed b/c she is a para for a local elementary and is going back once school starts, so sad!}

so proud of herself!!!

continuing with her chair obsession!

time to go!
picking up our lunch box!!!!

love this sweet girl, meltdowns and all!!!!
we are so proud of our little lady!! she is turning into such a big girl!!!
BTW...she cries now, when we pick her up to go home!! do we take that as a compliment that we've raised an independent child who likes be self suffiecient and play well with others or as an insult that she now has to hang with us, and only us!!! ha!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

tulsa part 2...

here are some more pics from our tulsa trip...
up bright and early with granny who was our guest of honor the night before!

bryce had so many visitors during the trip. brian and i were so thankful for our family who came into town to help us watch bryce while we were busy with reunion stuff...bryce got spoiled during their visit, one of her gifts was a sweet teddy bear from her gigi and gg-pa...

she also got the cutest book from her great aunt sondra, she plays with the book daily! it's so sweet, i love it!!

hanging with aunt molly!

sporting her new 'crooked' smile!

here she is again with the 'crooked' smile, not quite sure what's up with this!!

one of the days for the reunion, we met at the park on riverside to hang with other families. this was the coolest park, they had all sorts of water activities, which bryce loved, but we weren't too prepared for the day, so we improvised...

thank you again to all our family and friends who came to visit! we love you guys sooooooo much and miss you already! remember, florida is a wonderful vacation site and our guest room is always ready!!! :) love ya'll!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

tulsa trip part 1...

here are some pics from our recent trip to tulsa...we had so many wonderful pics that i'm going to have to do this in parts, here's part 1...

this is a pic at the BEGINNING of our plane trip, hence the smiling faces...

someones getting a little restless, why don't they make more room on planes, just wondering!!

snack time!

we had a lay over in houston, and bryce made a couple of friends while waiting for our next flight...the mom and daughter next to her were so sweet and helped us entertain the lady...

'mama, i'm ready to go!'

we were doing anything we could to get bryce up and moving to try and use up some of her energy, so brian sat at the opposite end of our gate and i sat by the window and she would run back and forth OVER and OVER again!!

the lady decided to quit on life, she had had enough!!!

one of the nights we met a bunch of friends for dinner at the miller's, bryce loved the bouncy house and playing with new friends!
{i'm so upset b/c we didn't get any good pics of bryce and her buddy's from this night, so sad}

my best girlfriend, katie, came into town for a visit with her two kiddos and we had to make a run to the mall for a little play time...

she looks so grown up to me in this picture, my little toddler!!

miss maddy giving bryce some lovin'
{sorry luke, we didn't get a pic of you with bryce, but we still love you buddy!!}

what a pretty lady, here we are getting ready to go to our next party!!! i love bryce right after a bath, she's so clean and smells so good....doesn't she look like a different kid with her hair wet and no curls!!

admiring herself!!

this was such a great trip for all of us, so much fun!!! i have more pics to post tomorrow!!