Friday, June 11, 2010

besties, the fridge and medusa!

as i've posted before, bryce is in love with rbi, which makes me happy b/c since having bryce the dog has really taken a back seat and moved way down on food chain. this makes me sad, b/c i said that would never be me, but here it is, and it's totally me. at least he can always count on bryce for a little tlc...whether he likes it or not!
so comfy, don't mind if i do!!

bryce is actually now saying 'dog'
she walks around all day, points at rbi and yells 'dog'
brian is really pleased about this b/c her only two real words are 'mama' and 'dog'...'daddy' will soon make its appearance, i promise, don't worry brian!! ha!

i love this picture and it also scares me at the same time! bryce is such a ham, which i think is great especially if she can learn to walk through life laughing, but this is also such a ornery smile and makes me worried for what lay ahead. we have been extremely whiny here lately, mostly in the morning, and we are also throwing fits...several times a day! she likes to throw stuff, hit the dog, throw herself on the ground and 'quite on life' as we call it, flare her arms and legs, and just cry! lots of fun around here, gotta tell ya!!! :) i guess it's as to be expected with a 14 month old!

please take a moment and meet our daughter, medusa!! lord, her hair gets so out of control at times! this was one of those days!! i really hope she keeps her curls when she gets older though, i love them!

her favorite place to play! please don't judge me on how bare and pathetic our fridge is! ha! i swear we are able to feed our child, not ourselves, but yes, our child gets fed!!! HA! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sleeping beauty and tinkerbell...

here are some pics we took yesterday of bryce during her nap...she was out cold and lovin' her some minnie! i love these pictures!

here's bryce's new chair! my grandma has one at her house and a few of our friends have it for their kids and every time bryce sees a chair like this she won't get out of it. so, we decided it was time for her to have her own. brian put a few different choices on the floor for her to pick from and she kept going to tinkerbell, so she was the lucky winner. she loves it! :)
ps...see how she's holding her baby in the picture? well, if you can't tell, she's holding her by the neck. this is how she holds all her babies and this is how she tries to hug other the neck, with two hands and she also usually comes up behind them! let's just say, other children aren't too receptive to her advances! i'm not sure where this comes from! ha! :)