Wednesday, December 23, 2009

9 months....

bryce is 9 months, and we can't believe it!!! she is only 3 months from being one, crazy!!! the girl is definitely on the go and has changed so's what's new with the big lady...
*my favorite, and of course the most important of all, her first official word was "MAMA," it absolutely melted my heart and was the best thing in the world (she said it for the first time today)!!!! loved it!!! can't wait to hear it more! (and now i can quit annoying everyone around me by saying "mama" nonstop, but see it paid off, ha!!!)
*she is crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling up on EVERYTHING, we had to begin the hard core baby proofing b/c she is into absolutely everything and if she can get her hands on it, it goes in her mouth!
*she can open cabinets, crawl up & down a small step we have in the house, pull up on window sills, pull up on the fire place, run away from us and many other big girl things!
*she smiles constantly, such a happy baby!!!
*becoming extremely social...loves to be around people, especially other kids, she smiles and babbles at them, pretty cute!
*has been on an airplane a few times as we made our way to Texas!!!
*still a good eater, hasn't turned anything down yet...taking 3 bottles a day, 7oz. each, dining on baby food for lunch and dinner, with a snack thrown in there somewhere, about to begin introducing some table food
* her two top teeth have broken through
*insanely in love with mickey mouse...she loves the mickey mouse clubhouse and when the 'hot dog dance' starts going, she grunts and groans and is locked in, complete concentration...stalker :)!!!
*is now clapping
*crazy about books, loves to be read to and also likes to just sit and rummage through one by herself
*loves tv, totally my fault, it's on all the time, oops!!
*celebrated her first christmas and hanukkah...was totally spoiled by all the family, she is definitely loved by many
*taking two naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, anywhere between an hour and two hours each...everyday is different
*wearing size 4 huggies, 12 month clothes
*definitely has some sass to her, we're a little worried what lays ahead for us!!!! :)...she is quickly learning the words "no," "soft," "be nice with mommy's hair, necklace, glasses, etc," "sweet with the puppy, bryce, don't grab his hair!!"
*has the BEST laugh, goodness, it is the best thing and it's so loud!
*so cuddly at nighttime right before bed, she just lays her head on your shoulder and snuggles in for some lovin'....

absolutely crazy about this girl!!!! love her so much, it hurts!!! love you, brycie!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

oklahoma/texas visit...

we recently returned from our oklahoma/texas visit where we visited with friends and family. we had SOOOOO much fun, and i was sad to leave. here are some pictures from our trip, unfortunately, i didn't get any pictures with bryce and all her new friends she made when a group of us got together, plus some family was left out...sorry guys...our camera is no good and pretty much every picture comes out blurry, so i quit on it!!!
here's brian getting on to me for taking a picture on the plane, he said it "wasn't allowed!!"
as you can see, i didn't listen, and continued to shoot pics :)...i love this one! so sweet with the two of them looking out the window. bryce is now an avid flyer!!
here's bryce with her aunt patti and cousin matthew!!

GG and bryce!!

Aunt Molly!!!

aunt molly and cousins austin, madison and colton!!

colton and bryce!

bryce, madison and austin!!

absolutely love this one!!! precious!!

bryce and austin!

so sweet!

having a blast!!

madison was so great with bryce! she's happy there's another girl in the family!

zooming around the hotel, checking everything out, so nosy :)!!!

here we are back in texas opening ALL of bryce's gifts! she was spoiled on this trip!!!
(sorry the picture is blurry, but i wanted you to see how well bryce came out on the trip, she is loved, that's for sure!!! thanks guys for all the goods!!!)
miss and love everyone!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Go Fish!

here's bryce supporting her daddy and representing the marlins!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


well, kindermusik came a little earlier than we thought. we signed bryce up for classes starting in february, but they had an opening, so we jumped at the chance to start earlier. here are some pics from bryce's first day of class.
i'm sure you'll be able to tell by the pictures, but bryce had a blast! she absolutely loved the class and was into everything and EVERYBODY. i was excited to see how she would react to the music and instruments, being that at home she is a HUGE fan of music, and no surprise here, she loved every bit of it!!
on her way to make a new friend! poor lydia, she didn't know what to think!

she loved her new friend, and tried to go up to her the ENTIRE class! lydia was a little shy and didn't know what to do with this baby all up in her business!!

this instrument was a favorite of hers!

checking things out, making sure she's not missing out on anything!

bryce trying to attack the book...we read a lot at home and she loves to tap the pages with her hands and feet, so i guess it's safe to say, she felt right at home!

beating the drum like a big lady!!

keepin' a steady beat!

havin' a blast!! what a mess this girl is!!!

lovin' her some drums!

this is us doing the charleston...she was laughing SO fact, her laughing drowned out the other babies who were crying...

so silly...

do it again...

oooh, mama's tired!

pretty typical, everyting straight into the mouth...

lovin' on her teacher, mrs. debbie!

another favorite...

what a great time for the three of us! brian and i are amazed each day at the personality on this girl and how much FUN she is. we laugh each day at the silly things she does and just can't get enough of her. we are loving being able to sit back and watch her take in new experiences and LEARN daily. i seriously could not ask for a better baby...she is absolutely everything i ever wanted and exactly what i imagined during those long 9 months!! it makes my heart melt when i see her smile and know that we are a part of her happiness! love you brycie girl!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7 months...

brycie girl is 7 months old!!! she has been soooo busy this last month....

what she's up to these days...

*sitting up on her own

*OFFICIALLY crawling!!

*her two bottom teeth have come in and i think more will be coming in shortly

*reaching out for us to pick her up...i love this! this is something i've actually been waiting for!

*loves to pull herself up while holding our hands and stand...she has such strong legs

*enjoying her social dates and story time at the library...i am so excited b/c in februrary we will begin Kindermusik classes. i can't wait!

*loves baby food and still hasn't turned any food down...shocker, i know!

*we went on our first airplane ride to Texas. she did really well on the plane, which was a relief.

*two naps a in the morning usually for an hour or hour and half and one in the afternoon usually two hours

*still in size three diaper

*wearing 9 months to 12 months in clothes

*four bottles a day...5-6oz

*bedtime at 6:45-7:00PM and wakes up around 6-7:00AM

*likes to drink from her sippy cup where she usually has to take several breaks and sigh b/c it's just such hard work

playin' with Teddy...bryce's great grandparents got him for her before she was born and she loves to play with him. she will just stare at him and touch his hair, and then of course, Teddy's nose goes straight to her mouth!

grandma randy got this for bryce and she loves to take baths in it. she makes us laugh b/c she will prop her feet up and just lounge like she is so big and needs to unwind after a long day at work. life is so tough for a baby!!

finally, it felt like fall here in florida. i went a little overboard and dressed bryce as if it was the dead of winter, but she has so many cute outfits that she hasn't been able to where due to the weather. she looked so cute and cuddly!

so sweet!

sitting like a big lady playing with her favorite toy, the remote control!


on her way to snatch the camera string!

drinking her bottle on her own... we are also drinking from a sippy cup

on the go...

so proud of herself...

she is really gettin' around these days and she ABSOLUTELY loves it!!!

what a great month! this is such a fun age! :)